Office Automation Installation

The Brief

SHC Lanaway’s large office space required a touch of modern comfort, along with some pro-active time and energy saving features.


A full control system was required to integrate all technology within the office into one simple means of control. We installed ‘Nest’ for heating, ‘Lilin’ CCTV cameras, SystemLine 7 audio, Rako lighting, Sky, Apple TV, Blu- ray and HDMI switching equipment. With RTI we were able to use hand held T2X remote controls, K2X in wall touch screens and iOS devices to control all this equipment. Our programmers installed some clever macros to single buttons to truly automate and streamline processes, that before would have taken time and multiple remotes. This office space is now fully controllable remotely meaning lights and heating can be monitored and altered to suit conditions without being on site.

With RTI we were able to offer our exclusive graphic user interface to all controllers to give a consistent theme throughout the project. All our equipment is rack mounted and hidden away to maximise space and leave a tidy, clutter free environment for the company.

Equipment Summary

  • 1 x RTI XP-6 processor

  • 1 x RTI T2x remote

  • 1 x RTI KX2 2.8″ in wall key pad

  • 1 x 40″ Samsung Smart TV

  • 1 x Nest thermostat

  • 1 x Lilin CCTV camera

  • 1 x S7 net amp and mini server

  • 1 x Apple TV

  • 1 x Blu-ray player

  • 1 x Sky box

  • 1 x Rako wireless key pad

  • 1 x Rako Rak-4 dimmer unit

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