Multi-Room Audio Visual Installation

The Brief

The clients were originally looking for us to install a multi-room audio visual system in their Surrey home. However, after they were inspired by the possibilities of a single point of control for all smart technology in the property, we also integrated audio-visual, heating, lighting and security controls into an Infinitus home automation system.


Once the plans and specification for the project were agreed, our engineers began the installation process. First of all, cables were put in position, labelled and tested, then light fittings and speakers were installed, with racks and components connected. Once everything was in place, the systems were programmed and tested to ensure all was functioning as it should.

Our lighting designer created sensational smart lighting for the house, inside and out, all controlled by a Fibaro lighting control system. This means that the family can now switch on or off (or dim) any light in the house or garden at the touch of a screen. Also, through the Dianemo app, anyone in the family can control the home’s smart technology remotely via an iPad or smartphone.

 To automate security systems, Infinitus installed two IP Realtime CCTV cameras to cover part of the property’s exterior. The system allows the family to monitor the property remotely from their smartphones while away.

For the multi-room audio visual installation, we created 3 speaker audio zones, allowing music to be played in different areas of the house. We installed a 7.2 Denon amplifier and subwoofer to provide quality audio playback in each zone. 

The final stage of the job was to ensure the family could use their new home automation system as smoothly as possible and to its full capability, leaving the Archers with a system that not only makes their life easier, more fun and entertaining but also safer and more energy efficient.

Equipment Summary

  • 20 x lighting zones including 2 RGBW strips controlled using Fibaro.
  • 3 x speaker zones with multiple sources.
  • 4 x Televisions on a HD video matrix with 4 inputs including:
  • 2 x Sky boxes
  • 1 x Apple T.V
  • 1 x Blu-Ray player

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